Star Trek: 10 Character Fates Worse Than Death

Resistance may be futile, but that doesn't mean a starship won't do everything possible to avoid it.


If you've ever sat down to watch an episode of Star Trek, one thing becomes horribly clear almost immediately: there are fates far worse than death. The series may have a reputation for flinging extras wearing red shirts into danger, only to die, but a lot of times, characters end up surviving (If they're part of the main cast, of course).

For those unlucky few, the sweet release of death isn't an option unless their contract is up for negotiations, so every week, they must face whichever disturbing spaceborne horror the writers have come up with to make their character's lives a living hell.

Imagine being trapped, but not for a few weeks, or a few years — Imagine being trapped for all eternity, only you're conscious and incapable of doing anything about your situation. That's the kind of fate worse than death the writers of Star Trek's many series and films have come up with over the years.

These ten fates worse than death cover a wide array of horrific accidents, punishments, and run-ins with space plague, and because each one is horrible enough to make anyone dream of death, they are presented in no particular order.

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