Star Trek: 10 Most Powerful Ships

Star Trek may not have Death Stars or Star Destroyers but there are more than a few powerful ships.

USS Defiant Star Trek

Space is a dangerous place so you need to make sure you're ready for everything out there waiting in the darkness. Sometimes, a towel just isn't enough. Sometimes you need a powerful starship.

The Star Trek universe is filled with ships that are fast, powerful and well armed. It's not just the Federation that has them. Multiple galactic organizations have their own ships needed to dominate their respective territories. Without them, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain an empire, no matter how impressive your warriors are.

Some of the best episodes of every Star Trek series feature impressive space battles, pitting these ships against each others. In some cases, the ships are facing off one on one. Other times, it's fleet against fleet. Anyway you cut it, these battles make for incredible television, as well as a great use of special effects.

While each ship has its own unique design with attributes that set it apart, some are simply more powerful than others. The question is how do they stack up against each other and which one do you want in a fight.

10. Jem'Hadar Fighter

USS Defiant Star Trek

The Dominion ruled the Gamma Quadrant side of the wormhole in Deep Space Nine. They were content to live their lives as they always had until ships from the Alpha Quadrant started arriving in their territory. Some were explorers. Some were looking to set up colonies. Others had far more nefarious purposes.

Regardless of their intentions, the Dominion quickly tired of the Alpha Quadrant interlopers and launched a full scale war against their neighbors.

The Jem'Hadar Fighter was the backbone of the Dominion's fleet. They were fast, maneuverable and outgunned pretty much everything in their path. Otherwise, they were quite Spartan in their design. These Fighters were used to maintain the Dominion's dominance over their territories in the Gamma Quadrant and factored heavily into their plans in the Alpha Quadrant.

The first time Starfleet encountered Jem'Hadar fighters, the Galaxy Class Starship that fought them was incapable of destroying ond. But one of the fighters took out the starship with a suicide run. Sometimes, it's more about who is flying the ship than the ship itself.

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