Star Trek: 10 Reasons Why Living With A Klingon Would Suck

klingon grip You know, with the last name of Kirk, living in the futuristic time of the Federation is something I've spent a few waking moments considering. I mean, it would obviously have a mix of good and bad: instant teleportation technology, artificial life forms, and more things to do in a holodeck than you can shake a positronic circuit at. But then there are the bad points: potential alien invasions, losing chess matches to Vulcan scientists and, oh, living with Klingons. What is redeemable about the Klingon species? I'm sorry, but thinking back to good old 1966, you have to remember that these guys were designed to be reprehensible villains with the social graces of a rabid racoon who's just finished ransacking your garbage can. Klingons were the embodiment of the science-fiction equivalent of the Cold War enemy in Western popular culture; we were supposed to hate them. Now we have the new and improved versions of the Klingons: they have cranial ridges, body armour and spit flies from their mouths faster than you can shout K'plah! Why would anyone want to live with these people? Well, here are a few reasons why you wouldn't...
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