Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The Romulan Warbird You Need To Know

9. Plots And Schemes

Star Trek The Next Generation Romulan Warbird

Construction on the filming miniature of the D'deridex was done by Gregory Jein in just a few weeks, using vacuformed pieces on foam to create the shell-like hull which was given a distinctive green paint scheme.

Debuting in "The Neutral Zone", the imposing warbird model featured in an additional five episodes (primarily as stock footage) before being replaced with a new model in the TNG season three episode "The Defector".

Nearly identical to its predecessor, this new model (also constructed by Jein along with Bruce MacRae) featured minor new detailing on its warp nacelles and additional lighted rows of windows on the "head" and stern sections. The real distinguishing feature of the new model, though, was its darker, more muted hull color which was closer to blueish gray than the vibrant green original.

Dubbed the B-type D'deridex-class warbird in "The Defector", it's unclear why this second, nearly identical model was constructed and even less clear why it was given this darker paint scheme. This whole thing is even more baffling given the fact that producers of TNG intercut footage of the B-type warbird with the original model, color correcting the blue-gray version to match its bright green predecessor.

Though publicity photos and even Playmates lights-and-sound toy of the warbird all displayed the darker appearance of the second model, it wasn't until the Romulan warbird appeared in Deep Space Nine's "The Die is Cast" that the true, un-color corrected look of the ship made it to the screen.


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