Star Trek: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Captain Pike

9. His Medal

Captain Pike Star Trek

Pike was such an important figure in Starfleet's history that one of their most impressive medals was named after him: The Christopher Pike Medal Of Valor.

The medal was granted to officers to recognise remarkable leadership, meritorious conduct, and acts of personal bravery.

Admiral Ross awarded this medal to Captain Sisko in the DS9 episode Tears Of The Prophets for retaking the station and fighting back against the Dominion. Several episodes later, in Take Me Out To The Holosuite, the Vulcan Captain Solok bragged to Sisko that he had just received his second Christopher Pike medal.

The medal featured an image of Pike's face and a ribbon in The Original Series red, yellow, and blue colour scheme, but unfortunately we didn't get a good shot of it in the show. Still, it's cool that Pike was still being recognised for his service well into the 24th century.

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