Star Trek: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Lt. Barclay

9. He Loved The Three Musketeers

Reg Barclay Star Trek

Reg Barclay's love of The Three Musketeers is of course well-documented in the TNG episode Hollow Pursuits. When he confronts his holo-addiction, Reg deletes the Three Musketeers simulation, but that clearly wasn't the end of his connection to the world of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel. In the DS9 episode "Image in the Sand", Worf and O'Brien reminisce about their time on the Enterprise, in an attempt by the latter to comfort his friend over the death of his wife Dax.

The subject of Barclay and his Three Musketeers program comes up, but surely this is impossible? While the simulation may have entered legend on board the Enterprise, the pair's assertion that Barclay often asked crewmates to join him in the Three Musketeers program suggests he resurrected it. Though he probably did so by removing the problematic representations of Deanna Troi and his fellow crewmates.

It's heartwarming to imagine Reg Barclay sharing his hologram programs with the Enterprise crew instead of hiding out in them. It's also funny to imagine the likes of Worf and O'Brien attempting to duck invitations to Barclay's swashbuckling adventure game nights.

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