Star Trek Enterprise: What Would Have Happened In Season 5

The Truth About T'Pol

Tpol For a long time T'Pol was quite dull. But then again, quiet a lot of the Enterprise characters were €“ the characterisations simply weren't that interesting. This improved greatly with the trillium-D plotline and although elements of the relationship with Trip was a bit gratuitous, it deep help to show some depth to the character. In line with a general plot to lead towards the Romulan War, T'Pol would be found to be quite central. As we saw previously, there were already Romulans who have infiltrated Vulcan and it would turn out that T'Pol had a connection. Whilst we have already met T'Pol's mother, the plan was for it to be revealed that T'Pol's father was in fact a Romulan himself. This in turn would be an attempt to show why she was becoming more emotional during season four and the difference in the character as the series progressed. Personally I think that any information that related to physically seeing Romulans would be difficult to show in Enterprise. We already saw in The Original Series that Starfleet saw Romulans for the first time in Balance of Terror. So somehow or another, the revelation would need to happen without a Starfleet officer seeing a Romulan and recording that they look identical to Vulcans. Whilst I don't disapprove of the general idea, I think it would have been difficult to implement without introducing continuity errors.

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