Star Trek Enterprise: What Would Have Happened In Season 5

The Re-fit Of The Enterprise

Enterprise Nx Refit Possibly the biggest difference in season five would have been to the Enterprise itself. You see, the plan was for the ship to be re-fitted and secondary hull fitted €“ effectively making it look very similar to the Enterprise from The Original Series. Whilst this might be seen by some as potentially trying to make the ship seem more like the original €“ and it would have that effect €“ at one point in the development of the film franchise it was planned for a Starfleet Academy film. This film would have shown the Enterprise from The Original Series, but much earlier than seen in that series and without the secondary hull. I'm not sure if the two ideas were related, the images that have since been produced by the season five campaign are stunning. To see more images, check out the campaign on Facebook here. I utterly love the new design €“ and in fact there is a very perfect symmartry €“ as it was intended that the secondary hull would be ejected if required, hence the two deflector dishes. The design was by Doug Drexler, who knows more about starship design than any reasonable person should! I wish they had at least used this design for the final episode, and it would have showed some sort of idea about the passage of time.

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