Star Trek: Every Borg Ship Explained

The Borg Collective uses a number of starship classes in their quest to assimilate the galaxy.

Borg Cube In Space

Borg vessels are feared across most of the galaxy in Star Trek. Often, the assimilation of an entire planet can be carried out by a single Borg Cube, and there have been fewer spine-chilling sights in the show that a number of them descending upon a helpless world.

Although their Cubes are, by far, the most recognizable ships of the Collective, the Borg have created a number of other starships for more specific tasks, from combat, to surveillance, to assimilation, and more. Most of their ships are designed as simple geometric shapes - a testament to the Collective's lack of creativity - but they are also often insanely huge. Some ships are capable of carrying thousands of drones at a time and are constructed using a combination of technology from all of the species assimilated into the hive mind.

This article will take a closer look at all of the Borg Collective's ships that have featured across carious series, starting with the most obscure, with the more well-known vessels at the end. Some of the ships included have only appeared in one scene, others are staples of Trek, but they're all futile to resist.

8. The Singularity Ship

Borg Cube In Space

The second season of Star Trek: Picard introduced us to a new Borg vessel. We never heard the name onscreen, but production designer Dave Blass referred to it as the "Borg Singularity Ship" in a tweet.

Immediately fans were surprised with the shape of the ship, being much different than the basic geometric designs most Borg ships had. Even more confusion arose when the Borg Queen aboard the Singularity Ship beamed to the bridge of the Stargazer and requested to join the Federation, something unthinkable for the merciless, uncompromising Collective we've seen in the past.

At the end of the season it was revealed that the Singularity Ship was actually created by the alternate universe Borg Queen who merged with Agnes Jurati in 2024. This new Queen was compassionate and designed the ship specifically to produce a shield big enough to block a spatial anomaly that threatened the whole quadrant. The ship still needed to link with the Federation fleet in order to generate a powerful enough shield, but together the new Queen and Starfleet prevented one of the worst disasters in the galaxy's history.

So far the origin of the anomaly remains a mystery, as does the fate of the rest of the Borg Collective. It seems most likely that the Borg Collective aboard the Singularity Ship is a separate hive mind from the one we know.

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