Star Trek: Every Hero Ship Ranked Worst To Best

There have been ten hero ships throughout Star Trek, but let's see which left the biggest impact.

star trek every hero ship ranked

Star Trek has given us some of the most creative starship designs of any science-fiction franchise. The art teams don't just settle on a design because it looks cool; every single element needs to serve a clear purpose and fit into the established lore.

Every film and series in the franchise has a hero ship, meaning the vessels that are most important to the plot and usually house the crew on their adventures. In this list, we're going to take a closer look at every hero ship in Trek and rank them from worst to best.

We won't be focusing on power or technical capabilities (because if we did, most of them would just be ranked in the order they appeared in the timeline), but they'll instead be ranked in terms of uniqueness, coolness, and how well their designs play into the story. We're also gonna exclude ships that only appeared briefly, such as the Enterprise-B and Enterprise-C, as well as the Enterprise-A, which was nearly identical to the refit of the original NCC-1701.

10. The Cerritos

star trek every hero ship ranked

It may seem unfair to compare the USS Cerritos from Star Trek: Lower Decks to other Starfleet ships, since most of the humour of the show comes from the fact that the ship is so lame.

The Cerritos was a California-class vessel, one of the smallest starships in the fleet. The series creator, Mike McMahan, explained to Marcus Bronzy during an interview on How To Kill An Hour that the yellow markings on the ship's hull indicate that it's primary mission is to provide engineering support, specifically for second contacts.

As we saw in the Lower Decks pilot, second contacts are very sensitive missions, though the drama is significantly more scaled back compared to first contact, which is usually done by a more advanced ship with a more experienced crew.

All in all, the Cerritos is one of the weakest and most generic starships in the fleet and, though the ship saw a fair amount of action throughout the show, it was nothing compared to what Boimler witnessed after being transferred to the Titan, a far more sophisticated vessel.

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