Star Trek Picard: 10 Plotlines Season 3 Should Address

Star Trek Picard's 2nd season has seen the cast face demons of old whilst opening new possibilities.

Borg Riker Update Star Trek

Star Trek: Picard's 2nd season offers up many changes amidst its classic Star Trek time travel plot and focus on Jean-Luc's own personal demons, it has been a rollercoaster ride with the crew of La Sirena. The appearances of old favourites such as Q and Guinan (and a surprise cameo in the finale) all serve to tie the show back to its TNG roots whilst exploring new ground which no show has gone before.

With the ending successful launching of the Europa mission and the crew of the La Sirena (minus Rios) returning back to the 24th century, there are plenty of dangling plot threads which have not been properly resolved by the season finale. With new relationships forged and old friendships rekindled, the characters have plenty to deal with going into Season 3 of the show (due to be released in 2023). Spoilers are definitely abound as we look at 10 such plot threads that could be worth exploring in Star Trek: Picard's 3rd season and some speculation as to how these storylines will be addressed by the show.

10. The Borg Joining Starfleet

Borg Riker Update Star Trek

The Borg has long been a thorn in the side of Starfleet ever since Q brought the Enterprise-D in contact with the Collective in Season 2 of TNG. The Federation have continuously faced off against the Borg's attempts at assimilation with dogged resolve. The crew of the USS Voyager in particular have had many encounters with the Borg during their long journey through the Delta Quadrant.

In Star Trek Picard, the Borg Queen was a surprise threat that has been effectively neutralised by the Confederation in the alternate timeline. The crew of the La Sirena relied on the Borg Queen's processing power to travel back to 2024. Eventually, Dr Agnes Jurati assumes the position of the Borg Queen and departs Earth after saving Annika's life to seek out the Borg Collective.

Back in the 25th century, the Borg had made contact and requested to join the Federation. The Collective then requested Picard specifically before attempting to seize control of the USS Stargazer. It was eventually revealed this was done in hopes of minimizing the damage from the Transwarp hub. As such, the Borg has been given provisional membership in the Federation by Admiral Picard. Time will tell if the Borg are truly as altruistic as Jurati had initially intended.

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