Star Trek: Picard - 16 Huge Details Everyone Missed In The Trailer

To boldly go... again.

San Diego Comic Con usually gives us some delicious treats but it's been some years since we got something this tasty that also happened to be Star Trek flavoured. Picard, the first TV series to push the timeline forward since Star Trek Voyager ended in 2001, will be with us next year and is going to revisit a lot of old faces and their stories.

There's plenty new material to get our teeth into - we've got a new ship, new crew, and all manner of new toys - but even from this meagre 2 minute trailer we've seen countless callbacks and references to the Star Trek of old. Well, I say countless, I actually counted 16, which is the whole premise of this article.

Call them Easter Eggs, call them winks and nods, call them whatever you like they're in there, and they bode so well for the direction and the feel of this show. A lot of time might have passed since Nemesis, but all the dots still look like they connect from where we left the galaxy back in 2002.

16. Chateau Picard

Chateau Picard

We open our trailer with what's safe to assume is 24th century rural France. Long-term fans of The Next Generation will know that the Picard family hail from a particular wine producing region of the country, and it looks as if that's where Jean-Luc has retired to see out the remainder of his days. Eagle-eyed viewers of Star Trek Discovery will remember the Chateau Picard wine bottle from Captain Georgiou's ready room.

For the vast majority of the audience this setting isn't all that interesting, but the depth of the backstory is a lovely touch for the more hardcore amongst you. Picard, throughout both the TV show and the movies, wrestled with his place in the family and the notion of one day returning to his home on Earth. To see that the events of Nemesis have provided the catalyst for him finally doing so will be a big deal.

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