Star Trek: Picard - 17 Huge Details Everyone Missed In Trailer 2

The disturbing hints, Easter Eggs and hidden details in the new teaser...

Picard Trailer Breakdown

In January 2020, we get to see more of where Jean-Luc Picard boldly went after Star Trek: The Next Generation's movies dried up and the Enterprise D's crew were (mostly) put out to pasture, bar a few appearances on Deep Space Nine, Voyager and - infamously - on Enterprise. And now, on the back of a very intriguing first trailer, we've got a second, courtesy of New York Comic Con.

Usually, with second trailers, there can be a temptation to reuse lots of the footage from the first and though there is a little overlap here - like the reappearance of the Borg cube, which is inevitably, given its impact - this second teaser is packed with new details and new story hints. And just as with the first one, there's a lot to unpack that might not necessarily be picked up on first watch.

So let's break it down.

17. Picard's New Badge

Picard Badge

The opening of the CBS All Access trailer - which has been trimmed off some of the other uploads and the Amazon Prime version played in the UK - we see Picard in the "uniform" he'll be wearing for the majority of the show's run.

It was assumed after the first trailer that the badge he's wearing - which replaces his old comms badge, presumably because it's got an inbuilt tracking device and he's not on an authorised mission - was a Picard family emblem. That's not the case - the badge appears to be a mysterious new addition.

The look of it suggests Romulan language, only stylised somewhat into a design that looks like a mermaid. That would fit the image in Data's painting as well, but more of that soon. Perhaps this is a gift from a Romulan who holds him in high regard?

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