Star Trek Picard: 5 Ups & 5 Downs From Episode 2 'Maps And Legends'

An uneven second episode for Jean-Luc.

It's been quite the agonising week waiting for the second episode of Star Trek: Picard to drop, after last week's solid introduction laid the initial narrative foundations and gave fans a dew-eyed reunion with Trek's best Captain.

Rather than follow the lead of Picard's entertaining if rather rushed premiere "Remebrance," episode two opts for a far more sedate and talky pace, an approach that's alternately refreshing and frustrating.

We do get some neat character development for one of Picard's sidekicks and introductions for a number of potentially juicy new characters, though it doesn't quite feel like the show is yet hitting its stride or realising its full potential.

It's early days, of course, and with eight episodes to go the main arc is really just getting started, but "Maps and Legends" definitely could've been a smoother follow-up to the rock solid season opener.

But if the teaser trailer for next week's episode is any indication, things are about to get a whole lot more exciting and interesting...


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