Star Trek: Picard - 7 Ups & 2 Downs From Stardust City Rag

Engaged, finally.

Star Trek Picard

Hello. I'll get straight to the point here, this was the best episode of Star Trek: Picard so far. Not a perfect episode of course, but whatever bars the show has set thus far were either reached, surpassed, or outright smashed through. We had gore, sacrifice, comedy, emotion, shocks, history, deaths, horror, a phaser fight in a nightclub, and one of the best exchanges in Star Trek history. What the hell else were we tuning in for?

For a show that's undoubtedly lost viewers already because of it's slow pace and it's obsession with the future over the present, this felt like the week that everything finally clicked into gear. No more crews to be assembled, no more stages to be set, just one man and his mission to save a young woman he's never met. Possibly even the entire Galaxy while he's at it.

This week our adventurers finally arrive at Freecloud. There they hope to find Bruce Maddox, an estranged family, and a way to finally reach Dhaj's sister. As we enter the second-half of the season there's still a lot to get through, but what delights would we get this week...

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