Star Trek Picard: 7 Ups & 3 Downs From Episode 1 'Remembrance'

To boldly go... again.

Wow. When the credits rolled on Star Trek: Nemesis in 2003, few would have predicted that it would be 17 years before we'd see Captain Picard again. Indeed, once JJ Abrams unleashed the Kelvin Timeline on the world, it seemed that our best chances of seeing anything even resembling a Next Generation revival would involve some manner of ill-advised reboot in 30 years time.

Not the case though, as this week saw the launch of Star Trek Picard on CBS. Set some decades later but narratively picking up where the loosely-mentioned events of Star Trek 2009 left us, Patrick Stewart returns to the role that made him a household name in the last millennium, and is joined by faces both familiar and new. Retired from Starfleet, opting instead for the quiet life on Earth he so sternly shunned during his years of service, both he and the galaxy have changed a lot in the time we've been away.

But while other beloved franchises have found new life in recent years, this is a weird time for Star Trek. With Discovery dividing audiences and a rumoured 4th film never quite managing to get off the ground, Picard has an uphill task before it's even left spacedock. Could it deliver on an exciting premise? Well, let's find out.

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