Star Trek: Picard - 8 Ups & 2 Downs From The Impossible Box

The Romulans Send Their Regards...

To steal a line from another show (and, ironically literally a Star Trek actor), we're in the endgame now.

After an opening few episodes that divided the audience with its insistence on meticulously positioning every piece at the expense of a far more interesting narrative about rogue synths, double-agents, murderous cyborgs, and a conspiracy that connects all three, we're now rattling through Star Trek: Picard at some high velocity I can't quite place the name for.

However, it's not been all smooth sailing. The show's most intriguing narrative thread - that of Soji's origins and her connection to the Borg Cube - has been left dangling for two whole episodes now, and failure to move profoundly in that direction could stall the show as a whole. Basically, these are the show's most critical episodes, where patience has to be rewarded and an enthralling ending has to be correctly structured.

But can it finally deliver on its exciting premise, or will the whole show descend into a bit of a mess as we race towards a conclusion that was never given enough time to really work? I can't think of a good Star Trek pun for this bit but let's push on regardless...

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