Star Trek Picard: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Reference From 'Maps And Legends'

7. Distopia Planitia

First Contact Picard

This scene features the Federation evacuation fleet in orbit of Utopia Planitia at Mars, likely headed to Romulus.

All the ships here are new, labeled tugs. Their engines bear a passing resemblance to those attached to the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E, the last, most advanced ship seen on film in Trek's 24th century.

The shuttles surrounding the tugs (and flying around on Mars) are modified versions of the Argo shuttlecraft from Star Trek: Nemesis. These shuttles are McCall-type shuttles, designed by John Eaves, they first appeared in the 2011 Ships of the Line calendar.

Eaves is responsible for numerous iconic ships in the franchise including all the vessels appearing in Star Trek: Picard.


I played Shipyard Bar Patron (Uncredited) in Star Trek (2009).