Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

The only flaw I noticed was the occasional scene suffering from excessive grain but that may be down to the degradation of some of the film reels and is in no way a deal breaker. The sound is presented in 7.1 DTS-HD and adds to the overall sense that is a top quality conversion. As for extras, you have two behind the scenes documentaries which give a nice recap of the production of the second season. There is also a feature length, sit down discussion with the entire Next Generation cast. Even though a lot of the anecdotes have been heard before, it's still an interesting watch and there are some great stories about filming the pilot episode and their feelings on it 25 years down the line . It's nice to see that the actors are still close friends which is more than can be said for the cast of the other Star Trek series. Overall, this is another great box set that will make watching episodes in standard-def very difficult. Even though season 2 can boast having the series worst episode ''Shades Of Grey'' which is a cheap flashback episode, it can't detract from what is an essential purchase for any Next Generation fan. Star Trek The Next Generation Season Two Blu-Ray is available 10th December 2012 priced £47.00Disc 1 Episode List: The Child Where Silence Has Lease Elementary, Dear Data The Outrageous Okona Loud as a Whisper Special Features: Episode Promos Season 2 Promo Energised! Season 2 Tech Update 1988 Reading Rainbow segment with LeVar Burton 2012 Reading Rainbow iTunes Promo Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year 2--Production Disc 2 Episode List: The Schizoid Man Unnatural Selection A Matter of Honor The Measure of a Man Special Features: Episode Promos The Measure of a Man Extended Version with Audio Commentary with Melinda Snodgrass and Mike and Denise Okuda Hybrid Extended Version Disc 3 Episode List: The Dauphin The Royale Time Squares The Icarus Factor Special Features: Episode Promos Gag Reel Deleted Scene Archival Mission Log: Inside Starfleet Archives: Penny Juday--Star Trek Coordinator Archival Mission Log: Selected Crew Analysis--Year 2 Disc 4 Episode List: Pen Pals Q Who? Samaritan Snare Up the Long Ladder Manhunt Special Features: Episode Promos Deleted Scenes Archival Mission Log: Departmental Analysis Year 2--Memorable Missions Disc 5 Episode List: The Emissary Peak Performance Shades of Gray Special Features: Episode Promos Reunification: 25 Years After The Next Generation Making It So: Continuing The Next Generation Part 1: Strange New World, Part 2: New Life and New Civilisations Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year 2

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