Star Trek Theory - The Disturbing Truth Of Picard

How to solve a problem like Romulus' destruction...

If you watched the first real trailer for Star Trek's new Picard show, you'd be forgiven for feeling something like Deja Vu. That teaser seemed to suggest that we're effectively getting an Old Man Picard story, which might well share some DNA with Patrick Stewart's most recent movie success - Logan.

It's not simply a matter of us returning to a hero in his twilight years or the Old Gunslinger vibe either - there's something about the relationship between Jean Luc and Dahj, played by Isa Briones that seems to mirror the relationship between Wolverine and X-23 in Logan.

Even with the faint hints of the trailer - like Dahj telling Picard that “Everything inside of me says I am safe with you" - seems to suggest more than a familiar relationship between the two. Dahj's words suggest something innate - something ESSENTIAL - about what draws her to Picard.

There are, of course, two possibilities here. Firstly, this being the same timeline as Nemesis, where we last saw Picard, it's very possible that Dahj is cloned from Picard. Again, this would fit the strong Logan vibe, and the fact that Picard's genetic material may be "on file" with what remains of Shinzon's Romulan empire. He was, after all, Picard's other clone.

Or there's the possibility that Dahj is actually a Borg and the inherent draw she feels is not to Picard but to Locutus, a part of Picard's identity that he is still keen to insist is a part of him when it suits him. The idea of both of them being rogue elements of the same Borg hive offers an intriguing thought.

In reality, Dahj could be both things, but for the sake of this theory, it's her being related closely to the Borg that is the most important possibility. Particularly in terms of her relationship with the Romulans who appear to be tracking her and the line calling her "the end of all" and a "destroyer."

So, let's decode exactly who Dahj could be and why the Romulans are such an important part of the Picard story.

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