Star Wars: 10 Best Mandalorians RANKED

9. Pre Vizsla

Mandalorian armourer armorer

By the time the Clone Wars had rolled around, Mandalorian culture had made massive changes. Specifically, they had left their warlike ways behind in an attempt to become a more peaceful, enlightened people. This made many Mandalorians upset, including Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch and holder of the Darksaber.

Unlike Gar Saxon, Pre Vizsla was not a sycophant seeking personal power and glory. He just wanted what was best for the Mandalorian people, which he believed was a return to their warrior heritage. He unfortunately made a long series of terrible choices on how to reach that goal, a big one being trusting Maul and Savage.

Vizsla allied himself with Maul to empower the Death Watch on Mandalore. The plan seemed reasonable until Maul tried to seize power. That was also Vizsla's plan. The ensuing duel between them resulted in Pre Vizsla's death at the hands of Maul. Had he not allowed himself to be manipulated by Maul, Mandalore's fate would have looked much different.


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