Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 6 Review

clone-wars-season-5-logoWARNING: This review will contain some spoilers When Disney bought Lucasfilm in late 2012 (Wow, it's amazing to think that it's been that long), there were several properties that were caught in the crossfire. Undoubtedly the biggest casualty was the shutdown of Lucasarts but a close second was the abrupt cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a Cartoon Network series chronicling the events of (what else?) the Clone Wars, despite Season 6 being halfway through production and rumours cropping up that plans for up to Season 8 had been sketched out. There are three main points that really made the show's cancellation stick in fans' throats. The first is that so many major characters' fates (including Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress) were left entirely open-ended. The second is that the remainder of the long running and long planned Darth Maul arc will never see closure on the small screen. It's being continued in print thanks to comic book producers Dark Horse but, as good as that hopefully will be, it just won't be the same as seeing it realised on television.
And finally, the real bone of contention is that the Schuttas who made the decision to axe the show most likely did it for financial and political reasons. The official reason is that Disney wanted to put its resources into Episode VII and related projects but a theory that's gained some ground among fans is that Disney didn't want to be running a kids' show contracted to another network. Which is presumably why The Clone Wars' successor Star Wars: Rebels will be broadcast on Disney XD. Because God forbid such an insanely rich and powerful company would shell out a bit of cash to keep a popular show running. But I digress. I could bitch about Disney and Star Wars all night (as many of my friends will wearily confirm) but that's not what this review is for. Because, in a rare case of getting something right, Disney have made the movie and all previous episodes of The Clone Wars available on Netflix along with thirteen new episodes that were close to completion on when the show suffered the same fate as Count Dooku. And it's these episodes (called both Season 6 and "The Lost Missions") that we're looking at today. Let's begin...

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