Star Wars Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Mandalorian Season 2?

How much do you remember about Star Wars' most popular series?

The Mandalorian Grogu
Lucasfilm / Disney+

Well, it is official. The first season of The Mandalorian wasn't a mere fluke. The latest season was more action-packed, packed more of an emotional wallop and built on the Star Wars mythos. Many of the recent episodes were littered with welcome fan-service, especially in the scenes where we learn {SPOILERS} is actually {SPOILERS} and the Mandalorian finally confronted {SPOILERS.}

Even though there are only eight episodes per season, there is still a lot to unpack. Introducing new characters, alien species, characters (as well as reintroducing some familiar faces), it's easy to forget some details here and there.

Since the series just ended, there are a few names and scenes which should be fresh in viewers' minds. However, there's bound to be a handful of questions about Season 2 that will leave you truly stumped. What did the Tusken Raiders want from the Krayt dragon? What explosive material was being mined on Morak? When did the Mandalorian come face-to-face with {SPOILERS?}

If you are not fully up to speed with the biggest series on Disney+, look away now. There are major spoilers ahead.

1. What Do The Tusken Raiders Ask In Return For Successfully Hunting The Krayt Dragon?


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