Star Wars Quiz: Who Said It - Sabine Wren Or Ahsoka Tano?

Was it the snippy Padawan or the snappy Mandalorian?

Star Wars Sabine Wren Ahsoka Tano
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Two of the strongest characters in Star Wars are Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren. The pair have some similarities, as well. Both are only young when they get thrown into war, they both abandon their training to try and find a new life, and they're both fierce warriors who fight to protect the things they care about. Another thing they have in common is their ability to think up a witty quip for every occasion. Even in the middle of a battle, they never miss the chance to make a quick remark.

Right from the moment she became Anakin's Padawan, Ahsoka began talking back to him, earning her the nickname 'Snips' because of her snippy comments. In turn, she often called her master 'Skyguy', something few Padawans would have been allowed to get away with.

Sabine might be an expert at spray painting and blowing things up, but arguably her biggest skill is the ability to always think up a snappy comment. Even if the Rebels are caught in a tight spot, there's always time for a slick remark, with her and Ezra often trading snarky one-liners as the blaster bolts fly.

Answers at the end!

1. "Been Wanting One Of These."


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