Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer Breakdown: 16 Things You Need To See

The beginning of the end.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer
Disney XD

Star Wars Celebration 2017 and given us much to feast our appetites on that will only make the wait even harder. We’ve gotten a teaser trailer for anticipated Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. We’ve gotten a full length reveal trailer for the next instalment of DICE’s shooter, Star Wars Battlefront II and of course, we were treated to a trailer for the next season of Star Wars Rebels.

However, as executive producer, Dave Filoni, took to the stage, he had a bittersweet announcement to deliver. Star Wars Rebels will end with its upcoming fourth season, beginning in the fall. The news will upset many fans who would love to see more of Rebels past next year, but Tiya Sircar (who voices Sabine Wren) stated that: “We told the story we’ve wanted to tell, and we’ve gotten to end it on our own terms.”

The team clearly don’t want another Clone Wars situation, where they didn’t get to finish the stories they told and as the focus of Star Wars becomes more involved with the new Force Awakens-era, so should its other formats.

Filoni did however add, “this show represents by no means an end in what we’re doing in animation.” You haven’t seen the last of this team.

So while Rebels will be ended with its fourth season, the trailer promises some powerful storylines, surprises and a fitting end to their story. So let’s take a look through the trailer and pick apart what we can expect this Fall.

16. The Beginning Of The End

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer

The trailer starts off with a sequence of flashbacks with Hera’s narration played over the top. It reveals nothing, but immediately tells us what this season is all about - the beginning of the end. The immediate tone is one of finality and gives the sense that this final season will bring every storyline and every character full circle by the end of its 15 episode run.

Ezra and Sabine became front and centre of the Ghost crew. Rebels is, at the end of the day, a kids show, despite its ability to appeal to a wider demographic (myself included). Ezra and Sabine are the kids in the show, who have grown up and progressed with each season and are the ones that the show’s target audience are able to relate most to. The opening images reflect that focus.

Ezra is described as “the boy that was lost”, mirrored by an image of him handling the Sith Holocron and his temptations towards the dark side, despite the good intentions behind his actions. Could this mean that season four will revisit this theme and close it for good?

Sabine, on the other hand, is described as “the girl that was broken”, referencing to her past and her inability to confront it, but we know that Mandalore will be revisited next season (more on that later).

The rest of the crew get a look in too. Zeb is described as the survivor; Chopper a war veteran; and Kanan as the fallen knight. Each look at these characters shows within a few frames the journey that they have taken, and Season Four is ready to close the book on their story – at least in the world of animation.


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