Star Wars The Clone Wars: Only 2 Arcs "Bonus Content" Planned

star-wars-the-clone-wars-20 Just when you thought all this heartache over The Clone Wars was done and dusted with, deliver more news that, depending on which way you look at it, is the final twist of the knife. has reported that the €œbonus content€ announced by Filoni when the show was cancelled, will only feature two story arcs, one which will feature the Clovis arc that featured in the Season 5 trailer, but was pushed back for various reasons to make a late debut in Season 6. Obviously this was one the arcs that would have been finished and ready to distribute long before the cancellation announcement had been made, but along with it will be a second arc that, as seen in the sneak preview, will return to the clone characters, Fives and Tup, exploring a premature execution of Order 66. Now, on the brighter side, there is more Clone Wars to come, at least for now. The series had slowly developed into a collection of four-part arcs which means that there are a possible eight more episodes to premiere before it vanishes from our screens forever. However, this also leaves the disappointing fact that many of the loose ends left from previous series will not be tied up before the end. quoted that €œAmong the story arcs that will not emerge in this post-cancellation era is one that dealt with Boba Fett and the other bounty hunters€ would have shown us the fates of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing.€ After the promotional picture that was released of an animated Boba Fett in his traditional, Mandalorian armour, will come at a real disappointment to fans who would have greatly anticipated the return of such a classic character. But at least we know what happens to Boba Fett. The same cannot be said for Cad Bane. The blue gun-slinger in the big hat was originally created for the series and earned a place amongst the greatest bounty hunters in the Star Wars Universe, but thanks to the takeover by Disney, his storyline will be one of many that will not be concluded. Yet, Bane is still alive and thanks to the Expanded Universe his story can still carry on into the great beyond. But for the likes of Ventress , Maul and Rex, their stories are less easily wrapped up. Ventress€™ future already has minor problems with the original Clone Wars mini-series in which Anakin was the one to dispatch of her, but with the alternative path she has taken, her role as a bounty hunter means that some sort of end can be met. Yet her connection to the Nightsisters and by extension the motivations of Mother Talsin will be lost. Mother Talsin has played both sides of the coin, sending Ventress off on her destiny while reuniting her fallen assassin with his brother, who tried to kill her. Her story was intriguing and the one that I, personally, anticipated, but unfortunately will be lost to the EW. Without going on and on, Sidious€™ plans for Maul will be left open and whatever the way the team wanted to return Ahsoka to the galaxy, will left for other formats. But Rex is the most concerning. He is the last remaining character who should have participated in Episode III, can he survived. His fate has been left uncertain and arguably is the most important storyline to wrap up. With the Order 66 arc being part of the bonus content, it is possible that Rex€™s thread will be tied up. Only time will tell. This is some crushing news for all Clone Wars fans but the fight isn€™t over yet. There has been a massive wave of fan responses, right across the social networking sites, letters and campaigns, all protesting for the survival of the Clone Wars. Whether Disney listens is another matter entirely, but they have already cut back on Lucasfilm Animation, postponing Detours, putting everything into Episode VII and its possible sequels. What are your thoughts on this latest revelation?
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