Star Wars: The Complete History Of The Darksaber

The Mandalorian equivalent of Excalibur has a long and complex history.

Star Wars Darksaber Bo-Katan

Few weapons have as long and storied a history as the Darksaber of Mandalore and can arguably be categorised as the most unique lightsaber in the galaxy far, far away. The extraordinary black-bladed lightsaber, forged in the shape of a katana, was first introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has since played a key role in the narrative of Star Wars Rebels - and more recently, made a surprise return in The Mandalorian.

Despite having never appeared on the big screen, this distinct weapon has become a firm fan-favourite and for those who have followed the Darksaber’s journey through the Star Wars canon, they know that it has become an integral part of the Mandalorian culture. It’s no surprise then that both Jon Fraveau and Dave Filoni wanted to bring it into a live-action setting.

The Darksaber has passed hands throughout its long and chartered history, beginning during the time of the Old Republic and stretching far into the post-Empire era. Through legend, Mandalorians believe that whoever wields the Darksaber is worthy of leading Mandalore and traditionally changes hands by defeating the current wielder in single combat - not that that has always been the case. It is for that reason that the Darksaber has not only been wielded by Mandalorians, but those outside of Mandalorian society as well.

Let’s take a look and see what it means to see it again in the galaxy far, far away...

7. Created By The First Mandalorian Jedi

Star Wars Darksaber Bo-Katan

The Darksaber was originally forged during the era of the Old Republic, created by the first Mandalorian ever to be inducted into the Jedi Order, Tarre Vizsla. Like all lightsabers, it was powered by a kyber crystal, except Vizsla did not conform to the conventional ideals of a Jedi’s weapon, instead using a rare black one in the style and shape of a katana.

Tarre Vizsla was a revered figure on Mandalore, and during his time as Jedi, became one of its rulers, gaining the title of Mand’alor. Because of it, the Darksaber became a symbol of leadership and power among the Mandalorian people, with those who were able to wield it considered to be worthy of leading and ruling their people.

After his passing, the Darksaber was kept in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant until the fallen of the Old Republic. Members of Vizsla’s clan snuck into the home of the Jedi Order and liberated it, returning it back to its rightful place in the universe.

The Mandalorians went to war with many factions over the centuries, but most prominently against the Jedi themselves, with the Darksaber, once a weapon of the Jedi Order, being used against them.


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