Stranger Things: 15 Best Easter Eggs (So Far)

Nostalgic nods. Sci-fi shout-outs. Obscure '80s references. Which Easter Eggs reign supreme?


You don't have to be telekinetic to figure out why Stranger Things is so popular.

Centring on a small fictional town in Indiana, the series won the hearts of viewers through its endearing characters, compelling plot and unique contributions to the horror genre. A unique mix of styles, there is quite literally something in it for everyone.

One of its most appealing characteristics, however, is the vast array of Easter Eggs and references to days gone-by that pop up throughout it - most of them influenced by its 1980s setting. That's right, the show is dripping in pure nostalgia, as it draws inspiration from many of the staples of the decade in which it is set.

The Duffer Brothers used this to their advantage and, in doing so, incorporated countless nods to some of Hollywood's most famous '80s films and TV shows, paying tribute to those which influenced them and ultimately paved the way for Stranger Things.

Now three seasons in, the show is more Easter Egg-heavy than ever. With that in mind, let's take a look back at the best of them.

Please be aware, this post contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 3.


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