Stranger Things Quiz: Did Erica Sinclair Say It?

You can't spell America without Erica!

Stranger Thihgs Erica

Although the town of Hawkins can be a downright dangerous place, there's certainly a significant number of hilarious characters who live there.

One of these characters is none other than Erica Sinclair, who is known for having the most extreme sibling rivalry with her older brother, Lucas. Erica always finds a way to push her brother's buttons, which usually only requires calling him a nerd. Despite Lucas being older (and presumably more mature), these insults easily bother him, much to Erica's amusement.

As a character, Erica wasn't properly introduced until the third season, and we're so glad she got a more prominent part. In the season, Erica is escaping the Russians underground with Steve, Robin, and Dustin, where her sassy and determined attitude keeps everyone on their toes. There's no wonder that Erica is a very popular character among fans, which is thanks to her confidence and quotable one-liners. We definitely need more of her in the upcoming season.

Erica's quotes are both harsh and hilarious, proving that she isn't afraid to speak her mind! So, the question is can you tell which lines are hers? It'll take the ultimate Stranger Things fan to get 100%!

1. "Ahoy! All Hands On Deck. Ahoy!"


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