Stranger Things Quiz: Who Said It - Eleven Or Mike?

Was it the D&D Master or his powerful girlfriend?

Stranger Things

The fourth season of the American science fiction horror drama series, Stranger Things, became Netflix's most popular English-language series ever and the second most popular overall.

Even though the main characters of Stranger Things are kids, the rest of the show seems quite adulty. We're talking about a groundbreaking script, a real nostalgia for the '80s and, of course, the finest soundtracks ever! The well thoughtout roles and charismatic cast only made the show even better.

Although the show is full of alarming governmental experiments and gruesome monsters, it leaves some space for the young and innocent love between two amazing characters. Yes, we are talking about Mike and Eleven.

The pair developed a special relationship in the six days they knew each other, and they quickly fell in love. It was a type of love that fans just couldn't get enough of. But all romance aside, it's game time!

Can you remember which of these lovebirds said the following quotes? Only a die-hard Stranger Things fan will score full marks on this quiz.

1. "I'm The Monster."


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