Stranger Things Season 2: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

20. The Punks

Stranger Things Episode 7

The punks who form Kali/Eight's group - Funshine, Axel, Dottie, and Mick - are a part of the sequel's biggest mistake. Like with Eight, they just feel completely off here, but without any of the backstory she gets.

Every single punk cliché is mixed together and thrown all over these characters, and they don't extend beyond that despite being a big part of an entire episode.


NCTJ-qualified journalist. Most definitely not a racing driver. Drink too much tea; eat too much peanut butter; watch too much TV. Sadly only the latter paying off so far. A mix of wise-old man in a young man's body with a child-like wonder about him and a great otherworldly sensibility.