Stranger Things Season 4: Volume 1 Review - 6 Ups & 4 Downs

3. Hopper's Storyline Is A Huge Disappointment

Stranger Things Season 4 Hopper

By far the most tantalising plot thread left hanging at the end of season three was the fate of Jim Hopper (David Harbour), who had seemingly been incinerated in an attempt to shut down a gate to the Upside Down.

Yet season four's early marketing quickly confirmed that Hopper was indeed alive, but imprisoned in a grim Soviet gulag (is there any other?).

It was certainly a potential-rich setup for his arc this season, yet fans are sure to be massively divided on Hopper's journey over the course of season four.

Without giving much away, Hopper spends far longer in the gulag than you're probably expecting, meaning he has precious few opportunities for interaction with the show's main cast.

More to the point, Hopper's incarceration is an incredibly one-note storyline that just doesn't have much in the way of dramatic juice, no matter how long the Duffers drag it out here.

David Harbour is great as Hopper once again, but his role is so piecemeal and repetitive to almost make you think he had a major scheduling conflict and couldn't commit to a more substantial appearance.


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