Stranger Things: The Impossible Jim Hopper Quiz

Nothing happens in Hawkins!

Stranger Things Jim Hopper

It's almost impossible to compare Stranger Things to any other series around today. The '80s nostalgia, the science, the supernatural horror, it has so much to offer, perfectly compact in just four seasons.

One character who has been there since the very beginning, even if we did think he was a goner for a while, is none other than Police Chief Jim Hopper.

Portrayed to perfection by David Harbour, Hopper didn't have it easy. After being drafted into the US Army Chemical Corps at a young age, he was unexpectedly exposed to extremely dangerous chemicals which led to him having many health complications. One of those complications came in the form of starting a family. As a result, Hopper was unable to safely have children.

However, after he and his wife found out that they were about to have a daughter, they thought that luck was on their side. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, and their daughter was diagnosed with cancer and later died as a result. This left Hopper absolutely devastated. He turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

When an old friend came to the Chief of Police, begging him to help find her son, Hopper's life was about to change. And we all know how the story goes from here!

Today, we want to see if you know Jim Hopper better than Eleven and the rest of Hawkins. Can you correctly answer the following fifteen questions? Let's find out!

1. What Does Hopper Believe Mornings Are For?


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