Stranger Things: The Impossible Steve Harrington Quiz

How well do you know the high-school charmer, Steve Harrington?

Stranger Things Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington, the all-around popular jock, has got to be one of the most intriguing characters in the Stranger Things universe. Steve's development as a character from the first to the most recent season clearly shows that he actually has heart and substance beneath his 'cool' outer surface.

There's no lie that Steve was a class A jerk in season one, especially given how he treated Jonathan and his girlfriend, Nancy. But it wasn't until season two that we realised Steve wasn't a bad guy at all!

With the Demodog infestation on the loose, Steve's role had shifted from the popular kid at school to the ultimate babysitter and guard of the Dungeons and Dragons gang. This is where the ex-high school bad boy Steve and the goofy Dustin established a fan-favourite friendship that got to be further explored in season three. It's genuinely remarkable how Steve went from being one of the most hated characters to one of the most loved within the series!

With the season four premiere nearing, fans are already speculating and theorising about possible storylines involving all of our favourite characters, which of course, includes the one and only Steve Harrington. So, to prepare you for the new adventures ahead, this quiz will see if you paid enough attention to Steve Harrington in the previous three seasons!

Think you can get a perfect score on this one?

1. What Ice-Cream Parlour Does Steve Work At?


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