Stretch Armstrong Announced For Netflix Series

Still no word on his dog, Fetch.

Netflix have announced that Stretch Armstrong will be getting his own TV series starting in 2017. The iconic toy, which started out in the 1970s, is a key feature of many current Netflix watchers€™ childhoods. Remember him? The blonde, overly tanned macho toy you used to fight over with a sibling? Well he€™s back. Now fans will be able to relive the old days, and introduce their favourite childhood toy to the next generation. The animated series is picking up an eight year idea, which was originally meant for Armstrong to appear on the big screen, although plans for the 3-D film were scrapped. Instead, Hasbro Studios have created an animated action/comedy series which focuses on the life of teenager Jake Armstrong and his two friends. The trio feature in the 26 episode long debut series, where they are accidentally exposed to a chemical, giving them the ability to stretch. How convenient. From this, they form Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, using their new found powers to go on adventures and fight crime. Because, being able to stretch 10 times your size is the perfect excuse to fight crime€ €œWith roughly half of our 75 million members regularly watching kids content, we€™re happy to expand our original slate,€ said Netflix€™s director of global kid€™s content, Andy Yeatman. €œWe know kids love Netflix and that€™s in part because they never really outgrow us.€
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