Supergirl Fighting For Her Future With Renewal In Doubt

Will there be a Season 2 for the Girl of Steel?


Despite being a hero, Supergirl may be in need of some saving itself, with the future of the CBS series in doubt.

According to The Wrap, negotiations are ongoing between CBS and Warner Bros. about a potential renewal for the show, which has proved itself to be extremely expensive without the returns to fully justify it.

It costs CBS a staggering $3m per episode, a huge amount for a new show, and while 13million tuned in for the much-hyped pilot, those numbers have halved over the course of the season.


CBS will announce its fall schedule in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime boss Leslie Moonves is negotiating a deal with Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth to bring the show back.

There are a couple of possibilities here, one of which is moving the show to The CW, the sister network of CBS. It already has Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, all of which are produced by Greg Berlanti alongside Supergirl, and it could make sense given its appeal to that audience and the fact it is part of that universe, having crossed-over with The Flash. That, though, would surely mean a budget cut anyway.


The other option, as reported by Deadline, is a move to Vancouver. This would could costs on production, and also move it in line with those shows mentioned above, which are already filmed there.

The first season of Supergirl was solid, if unspectacular. Melissa Benoist is certainly great in the role, and it'd be a shame if this weren't to get another run. As it stands, though, the show's status is in limbo for the next couple of weeks.


Do you want to see another season of Supergirl?Would a move to The CWwork?Let us know in the comments.

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