Supergirl Season 1: 10 Big Questions From 'Bizarro'

Seriously, following an evil Supergirl clone, what else has Max Lord got up his sleeve?!

With Bizarro, CBS€™ Supergirl delivered arguably its finest episode to date. Following her arrival during the last moments of the previous outing for the Maid of Might, this latest episode focused firmly on the titular Bizarro, herself a twisted creation of Maxwell Lord€™s meant to mimic and then kill the Girl of Steel. In another continuation from last week, Bizarro also took some time to explore the burgeoning relationship between Kara and Adam, the son of Cat Grant. Unfortunately, though, things don€™t go too well for the regular Kara Danvers here, with problems arising that could have been seen a mile off by anybody familiar with the age-old problems a superhero faces when trying their hand at being lucky in love. With Supergirl having now put certain pieces in to place and expanded on certain loose story arcs, it looks as if it€™s full speed ahead for the Girl of Steel as she flies through the second half of her debut season. But still, there€™s a whole lot more to come from Supergirl, and here€™s just 10 of the questions that we need answers to after this latest outing.


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