Supergirl Season 1: 10 Big Questions From 'For The Girl Who Has Everything'

What next for the Martian Manhunter, can Non be stopped, and where's the Man of Steel when you need him?

Whilst CBS€™ Supergirl was initially set to run for thirteen episodes, the reception to the show€™s early episodes has led to the first season being extended to a full twenty outings. Still, this thirteenth episode is certainly a huge spectacle full of ramifications and some shocking moments. Pulling its title from the Superman tale For the Man Who Has Everything, For the Girl Who Has Everything finds Kara Zor-El under attack from a parasitic alien entity that causes her to enter a dream-like state. In this hazy realm, Kara actually finds herself back on Krypton €“ a Krypton that totally never blew up! On this version of the planet, we find Kara amongst her €˜well and alive€™ family, including a young Kal-El, but in the meantime problems are surfacing back in National City. Not only is Cat Grant getting a tad miffed at Kara€™s absence, but more worrying is the reemergence of Non, Astra and their nefarious plans to destroy Earth. Whilst last week€™s Bizarro was likely the best episode of Supergirl up until that point, this latest outing was also an impressive one for the Maid of Might, and it€™s one that threw up a whole host of questions.


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