Supergirl Season 1: 10 Questions We're Asking After 'Stronger Together'

The Girl of Steel's second episode sees Kryptonite, evil aunts, and public questioning just some of Supergirl's problems.

After a debut that impressed many, Supergirl returned for its second episode, Stronger Together. With Kara Zor-El having now made the transition to becoming Supergirl, a whole host of questions have been thrown up. There€™s the shadow of her imposing cousin, a debate about just how good a hero she is, issues involving those who are working with her, and plenty of questions in relation to the villain(s) of this first season of CBS€™ new DC-based show. Even though this week€™s villain-of-the-week Hellgrammite wasn€™t up to much and was as fodder-like as you can get (seriously, he made some of Smallville€™s worst villains look like gold), there was still plenty of action and enjoyment to be had as we got to see Kara get used to her Supergirl skin whilst juggling her day-to-day life, and the public reaction to the arrival of National City's new hero. In amongst all of that, of course, were a plethora of questions pertaining to this particular outing and just how things will play out going forward for the Girl of Steel.

10. How Will Kara Cope With The Pressures Of Being HIS Cousin?

From the get-go, we€™re again reminded just who Kara€™s cousin is. You know, the big bulky guy with the cape and S-curl, hangs out in Metropolis and has a soft spot for a certain investigative journalist? But whilst Metropolis has itself an apparently-seasoned Man of Steel to watch over it, National City has a heroine who is taking her baby steps in the hero game. The problem is, though, she happens to wear the famed red and blue suit that€™s adorned with the iconic S logo. As such, rightly or wrongly, comparisons are going to be made with Superman. And that€™s certainly the case here, with immense pressure being put on Supergirl from the start. Whilst she€™s struggling with that burden right now, it remains to be seen how much this will weigh on her shoulders going forward.

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