Supergirl Season 1: 8 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Red Faced'

What's going on with Hank Henshaw, can we get more angry Supergirl, and did anybody really buy into Red Tornado?!

Supergirl€™s latest adventure arrived on screens earlier this week, bringing along some familiar DC names with it. Titled Red Faced, the episode saw the arrival of General Sam Lane, father to a certain Lois and Lucy Lane, in National City. With the plan of investigating Supergirl further, General Lane snarls his way through every scene as he constantly looks to put the blame for any and all problems at the door of the Maid of Might. Along with General Lane comes Red Tornado. A spin on the DC comic book hero, this version of Red Tornado is an android who is part of Lane€™s plan to push Supergirl to her limits. When the android goes rogue, the Girl of Steel becomes Lane€™s last hope in avoiding total catastrophe in National City. By the time Red Faced had come to an end, much like with previous episodes, viewers were left with plenty of questions, and here€™s the biggest ones.

8. Will Social Media Hurt Supergirl?

During the opening moments of Red Faced, we see Supergirl come to the rescue as two arguing motorists look set to plough into a group of young school kids. Arriving just in the nick of time, the Girl of Steel puts a holt to the speeding vehicles but is then quickly turned into the bad guy purely because of some damage to one of the cars. One of the displeased drivers then swings a punch at our hero, who promptly blocks it with maybe just a little too much force. Unfortunately all of the watching public had pulled out their phones by this point, and so the footage quickly appeared on social media and the news. Could this be an indication of things going forward, that modern technology won€™t be helping Supergirl€™s cause?

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