Supergirl Season 1: 9 Big Questions From 'Hostile Takeover'

Girl of Steel returns next year!

After much trepidation ahead of its debut, CBS€™ Supergirl has now reached its mid-season break. Safe to say, the show has been solid, if not spectacular. Throughout the first half of the Melissa Benoist-starrer, many a question has been thrown up. Keeping with tradition, that was exactly the same with this latest outing, Hostile Takeover. With Kara€™s evil aunt Astra turning up at the end of the previous episode, that serves as a main focal point of this entry. What€™s particularly interesting about this strand of Hostile Takeover is that it gives us a rare glimpse into the final days of Krypton and the relationship between a young Kara and her beloved aunt. Obviously, by this point in the game things are a little different in the modern day, what with Astra now intent of seemingly cleansing Earth. Elsewhere, we find Cat Co in turmoil as Cat Grant€™s e-mails are hacked, revealing certain secrets about one of the show€™s most enjoyable characters (she apparently dated John Stamos and has tried her luck with Idris Elba). By the time this mid-season finale comes to a close, we were all left with many a question as the Girl of Steel awaits her return next year.

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