Supergirl Season 1: 9 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Livewire'

Does Supergirl have tentacles where her lady parts should be?

For those not aware, CBS opted to skip the fourth episode of Supergirl, instead delivering their Thanksgiving Day-themed Episode 5 a week early. The reason for this is down to the recent atrocities in Paris, with the skipped episode supposedly having heavy focus on explosives. So, here we are: Livewire. This latest outing for Kara Zor-El features problems for both day-to-day Kara Danvers and also her superhero alter-ego. For Kara, she has to deal with the arrival of her foster mother, Eliza (played by former Supergirl, Helen Slater), which brings the usual drama so often associated with any sort of family gathering that features alcohol. On the Supergirl front, the big threat this week is the titular Livewire, a radio DJ with a grudge against Supergirl, who just so happens to end up with her own electrifying powers. By the time that the episode came to a close and Livewire had been shut down, viewers were left with a whole host of questions.

9. Will We Get To See Episode 4?

Whilst obviously insensitive to air an episode that reportedly has a heavy focus on explosives and bombs in National City right now, CBS does have the option to air the episode at a later date. The episode in question was to feature DC€™s Red Tornado as the rogue of the piece, despite him mainly being depicted as a hero in the comic book realm. Granted, the character€™s outfit may have looked just a tad Power Rangers-lite or he could even easily be described as a Vision knock-off, but it would€™ve still been cool to see what Red Tornado had to offer. Given Supergirl€™s villain-of-the-week formula, it wouldn€™t be too far of a stretch to see an edited version of the episode turn up before the season€™s out, with some reports even claiming that we could see the episode in full as early as next week. Failing that, it could always just be a part of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Season 1.

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