Supergirl Season 2: 6 Ups And 3 Downs From 'The Last Children Of Krypton'

The Man of Steel again steels the show, but departures leave Supergirl facing some challenges.

Supergirl The Last Children of Krypton
The CW

After a mixed bag of a debut year, Supergirl returned for its second season last week. Now on The CW following its move from CBS, the show wowed with its season premiere as it introduced Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman into the mix. Of course, now comes the tricky job of matching the high standards set by The Adventures of Supergirl.

Fortunately for viewers, The Last Children of Krypton was another impressive outing for a series that seems to have regained its swagger following a tepid end to its first season. Complete with the warmth and charm that made Supergirl so enjoyable at times last season, this latest episode again shone thanks to the excellent dynamic between its two heroic Kryptonians.

With fan favourite comic book rogue Metallo (well, technically two Metallos) now looking to well and truly make his mark, our Super cousins have plenty of trouble on their plate as Cadmus continues to cause chaos in National City and beyond.

Whilst this was generally another brilliant episode of Supergirl, that’s not to say there weren't some moments that could prove to be a little problematic both in The Last Children of Krypton and for Season 2 as a whole.


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