Superman Quiz: Which Lex Luthor Said It - Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey Or Jesse Eisenberg?

Your score can be found quicker than a speeding bullet at the very end.

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The Penguin, The Riddler, The Joker, Two Face, Bane.

Green Goblin, Venom, Doc Ock, Mysterio and The Lizard.

Most casual fans of comic book movies can name a litany of Batman and Spider-Man villains but it is with the character of Superman that many could probably only name one baddie, Lex Luthor himself.

Granted, at a push some casual fans may remember General Zod or maybe Braniac from James Masters' excellent Smallville portrayal but it’s pretty much only Lex Luthor that is a household name as the only true villain to Clark Kent’s superhuman alter-ego. He is probably more associated with Superman than The Joker is to Batman.

With three legendary cinematic portrayals to his name from the likes of Gene Hackman in the Christopher Reeve movies, Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns (and doing his best Hackman impression at that, which makes this quiz particularly tricky) and most recently the god-fearing Jesse Eisenberg in the Ben Affleck films.

All three versions of Lex Luthor are different but they all share a common fascination and dislike and fear of the man in the red, yellow and blue. Can you tell their quotes apart?

Your score can be found quicker than a speeding bullet at the very end.

1. “The Devils Don’t Come From Hell Beneath Us. No. No, They Come From The Sky.”


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