Supernatural: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Dean Winchester Quiz

After the Winchester's final goodbye, how much can you remember about the older sibling?

Jensen Ackles Supernatural
The CW

Debuting in 2005, Supernatural took the world by storm. The show was a very mature compared to other shows on the CW at the time, so producing an edgy horror show seemed quite out of character for the network.

The show turned out to be a mega success. Not just because of the spooks and creatures, but because the produces managed to find the two best leads possible. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played the main duo of Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of demon hunters who go on a quest to find out what really happened to their father.

The chemistry between the pair was always off the scale, hence why the show has endured for 15 years. The quips blend so well with heartfelt moments and creates a dynamic that hasn't managed to be duplicated in many other shows.

Now that the final ride of the Winchester brothers has aired, how much are you able to recall about the eldest of the siblings. Dean Winchester has been one of the best characters on TV for the past few years. Charismatic, charming and hilarious. So how well do you know him?

1. How Old Was Jensen Ackles When The Pilot Of Supernatural Aired?


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