Supernatural: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Sam Winchester Quiz

After the Winchester's final goodbye, how much can you remember Bullwinkle?

Supernatural Sam Winchester
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The show about courageous brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, is the best when it comes to the supernatural genre. It is an iconic combination of real life problems and complicated apocalypse issues. The show’s success is due to the overarching storylines based on compelling mythology and legends and, of course, good looking cast members, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

The story starts with the reunion of Sam and Dean who teamed up to find their dad, but found their destiny instead, the family business. Thus, kicking off one of the most binge-worthy sci-fi/fantasy shows on television.

Besides the tangled storylines and sophisticated creatures, the show attracts the audience by its characters’ development. Dean for example, a pervert and sarcastic Dean became an A-class hunter and saved the world many times. But what about Sam Winchester? Destined to be a fallen archangel, Sammy had been through a lot over the years. From a college kid, he grew up to be Dean’s loyal partner and true member of Man of Letters.

Let's see how well you remember Samuel Winchester!

1. What Was Sam's Middle Name?


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