Supernatural Or Lucifer Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Castiel Or Amenadiel?

Was it the Angel of Thursday or God's favourite son?

Supernatural Lucifer
The CW

Supernatural and Lucifer share many common characteristics - both are based on solving cases and while Supernatural usually deals with monsters, ghosts, vampires or other evil creature, Lucifer deals with human natured criminals mainly located in Los Angeles.

Both shows talk in depth about celestial beings, unfair universal rules and the phenomena of a rebellious archangel and his selfish father. And those who saw both shows can differ them from one another based on storylines and unique interpretation of biblical events and characters. While Sam and Dean had an evil version of Satan on their plate, Chloe enjoyed the fun loving and sweet Lucifer with acceptable mood swings. If SPN’s Lucifer had a therapist like Linda Martin the things would have gone much smoother!

It's now time to talk about naive visitors of Earth, the powerful creatures whose hearts softened shortly after they relocated to the planet - Castiel from Supernatural and Amenadiel from Lucifer. These two beloved characters have many things in common but can you tell them apart by just their quotes alone? Let's find out!

1. "We Need The Most Love When We’re Being Most Unlovable."


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