Supernatural Or Lucifer Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Crowley Or Mazikeen?

Which badass demon stands behind these quotes?

Supernatural Lucifer
The CW

Supernatural and Lucifer have very different approaches to famous celestial events. While in Supernatural the two hunter brothers chased after paranormal creatures, including archangel Lucifer, in the crime drama TV series Lucifer, the Devil himself chased criminals as LAPD civilian consultant.

Eric Kripke and Tom Kapinos created their own version of Hell with demons and all. Supernatural’s Hell was more terrifying than the one shown in Lucifer, but their inhabitants were both scary and lovable. Like Crowley and Mazikeen. The two demons brought certain eccentricities to their respective shows.

While one was the King of Hell and the other was Most Skilled Torturer Hell's Ever Known, the two characters grew throughout the series remaining loyal to their personality quirks and preferences. Both Crowley and Maze were sarcastic, keen to sexy talk and loved to make people uncomfortable. However, underneath the crafty demon shield Crowley and Maze shared same mother issues.

Well, let’s see if you remember the dark side of Supernatural. Which demon said these lines - Ruler of the Crossroads or Lady Mazikeen?

1. "Hey! No One Calls My Skank A Skank."


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