Supernatural Or The X-Files Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Dean Winchester Or Fox Mulder?

Was it the real FBI agent or the hunter who used his name?

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The X-Files first aired on1993 making its audience believe that there is “something out there”. While one of the main heroes of the series, Scully was at first sceptical just like many critics, her companion, Fox Mulder never doubted the existence of aliens. However, sometimes his controversial beliefs and emotions got in the way of logical thoughts. Fortunately Scully balanced her partner. Speaking of balancing their partner - Sam Winchester from Supernatural had to put up with his brother's stubborn personality.

Supernatural was inspired by many classics and The X-Files’ influence was of utmost importance. When working on SPN, Eric Kripke believed that fans of The X-files will find Supernatural as an alternative. It’s not a coincidence that in the Pilot Dean introduced themselves as agent Mulder and Scully. The hunter liked to believe that he had more in common with Fox than his brother. He claimed that Sam was the red-headed woman.

Well, let’s go through some lines said by Fox and Dean to understand whether the Man of Letters was onto something or not. Who said the following quotes - was it Spooky or Ken Doll?

1. “Did You Really Think You Could Call Up The Devil And Ask Him To Behave?”


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