Supernatural Quiz: Are These Sam Winchester Quotes Correct?

Do these lines sound Samish or not?

Sam Winchester Blue
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Dean Winchester was not the only character in Supernatural with quotable lines and eccentric opinions. His little brother, beloved hunter Sam Winchester always had strong viewpoints and beliefs. Sure, he was less demanding and uncompromising than his older sibling when it came to forgiving people or giving them a second chance, but that was what made Sam special and his lines wise. Jared Padelecki's character had a unique philosophy. No wonder he liked Mahatma Gandhi.

Sam and Dean were like two sides of the same scale, balancing each other and trying to avoid inadequate decisions, like starting Apocalypse. Sometimes the scale worked, sometimes it failed. But that’s when the most wise or charming lines were brought to light, in times of panic and extreme situations.

Today’s quiz is dedicated to the hunter that fought side by side with his brother, overcame his loss, formed a family and kept the Winchester family business alive by transferring his knowledge to his son.

Within the lengthy run of Supernatural, the Moose said many quotes that are worth writing down, so we did. However, we messed some of his lines up to make this quiz challenging to take. Can you differ the twisted sentences from the right ones?

Answers at the end!

1. "You Mind Doing A Little Bit Of Thinking With Your Upstairs Brain, Dean?"


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